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Long Mints White Glam
Description: I just can’t seem to get enough of Long Mint and from the emails that you guys sent me I understand that you can’t either. That is why I added another great photo set of Long Mint today. In this set of photos sweet and horny Long Mint looks like a super model in her white tailored fit outfit. This is one of my fav photo updates from Mint, I hope you like it as well.
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Added: 2012-10-05 11:11:57
Submitter: assentralry
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Tags: Ladyboy Mint, Long Mint
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Glam Long Mint
Sweet and succulent Long Mint has so many different looks it is hard to keep up with her. This is one of my favorite looks. She has on sexy white lingerie that really shows off her cute ass and sweet smile. I love how she teases us in this photo set and strokes her mighty dick for the cameras at the same time.
Long Mints Fuck Buddy
This is an excellent update where Miss Long Mint gets to use her big thick heavy tool on a naïve and horny fuck buddy. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees how huge Mint’s big dick gets when she is aroused and ready to fuck. He takes control and feeds her his own big dick. She loves eating that cock and she spreads her ass quickly to feel him stuff his cock deep and ride her hard.
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Gorgeous Long Mint is at it again to make us drool and jerk on her cocks for her. In this set of crystal clear photos we find sexy Mint in a red and black lingerie outfit with fishnet stockings. Those legs of hers lead up to her monster package hiding in her sexy panties. She takes her time driving us nuts with her slow stroking and jerking until we are busting a nut in anticipation.
Long Mints Pump
Ladyboy Mint… Long Mint doesn’t really need a penis pump, but in this fun update from her we find her playing with a penis pump. She isn’t using it as most people do, she is using it on her firm little titties. She wants to give you a hard pumping as well and when her cock is hard and throbbing she could rip you a new one in a heartbeat.
Long Mints Soft Look
Mint always has a great outfit. She loves cosplay and it is one of the reasons so many guys find her unforgettable. I love how she looks in this costume with her lace and black skull stockings. It really brings out her sexuality and when she slowly strips out of her costume you will be on the edge of your seat ready to watch her jerk on that 9 inch tube snake of hers.
Mints Mouth Full of Jizz
Mint is at it again she has a horny guy in her apartment that has never seen a cock like the one she has hanging between her legs. He has also never had the tongue lashing that she is giving to his cock before as well. He can’t stop moaning as she sucks and gobbles his hard cock until he erupts a huge and heavy jizz load.
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Who doesn’t love a big cock on a Friday? Ladyboy Mint has that big cock that you want so much on a Friday night. This is a day where Mint wants to play as a schoolgirl. She wants you to stop in and give her a sexual lesson. I know I’d love to teach her some lessons or have her drop in and give me a few of her own to round out my weekend.
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Gorgeous ladyboy Long Mint is at it again. I don't care what this hung honey wears she turns me on. In this update her photos feature her fine little ass in black panties with rhinestones. It of course doesn't take her long to pull out that big meat and stroke it until she explodes.
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If you have a kinky soul or even a sliver of fetish in your body then stop and check out Long Mint and her fun update. She is an evil little angel and she wants to take you within her soft wings and take you to new heights of ecstasy. Even if she didn’t have her big hard thick ladyboy dick, she is stunning in her cosplay dark fairy / angel outfit.
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We all love hot honey Long Mint and her gynormous cock! In this kinky update from Mint we find her in the shower with two bowls of colored Jello. You know things are going to be a sticky mess. She teases us by eating some Jello before playing with her thin body and monster cock. You know what is going to happen next, she smears that Jello on her body before play with her cock. It just goes to prove that everyone plays with their food and that Jello makes everyone smile.
Candles and Asses with Long Mint
In this update from our favorite big dick ladyboy we find Long Mint in the spa getting ready for a sensual bath. She has the rose petals and fills the tub with them. She finds a candle and while waiting for her lover she decides her ass would be complete if she had that big candle stuffed in deep. Just watch her cock grow and grow as she toys her fine ass with wax.
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Mint is quite the kitty in her leopard lingerie. She wants to get her purr on, but for some odd reason no one is home to answer her booty call. She stalks around her apartment her cock throbbing in need. She decides to take her mighty meaty ladyboy dick inside her panties out and into her hands. She jerks and strokes that cock until she is purring like the happy kitty that she is.
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Long Mint is a gorgeous ladyboy with a huge thick cock. She loves to play around and she even had a strippers pole installed into her home. She loves to play around stripping and sliding on that golden pole. She checks out her moves in the mirror and it turns her on so much that she grabbed her own big dick and strokes and jerks on it until she is rock hard and ready to explode.
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If you are a fan of sexy ladyboy Long Mint and her gynormous cock then you are going to really flip your wig watching her in these kinky black boots and black leather panties. She takes her time slipping out of her panties letting her big dick slowly harden into her hand as she jerks and strokes it until everyone is sated.
Long Mint School Uniform
I have been adding a lot of Long Mint photos lately because I just love how she looks and how she acts on camera. In this update we find horny Mint in a schoolgirl uniform. She smiles at the camera as she slowly pulls her uniform skirt up and pulls down her black panties to stroke her beefy package into a throbbing rod.