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Pretty Sayaka Kohaku
Description: There are so many sides to Sayaka Kohaku that it is hard to find her boring. She has her kinky side and she has her classy side. This is how she looks when she goes out with her special friends. She loves to dress up in a nice dress with pearls and jewels. She hopes that when she brings them back home that she can shock them with her kinky side.
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Added: 2012-09-29 17:19:36
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Shemale Japan shared this hot solo stroking video of gorgeous Sayaka Kohaku. She really enjoys showing off her ass to the cameras. She slides off her pantyhose and panties to stroke her hard little Japanese cock as you watch her on camera drooling just like I am as I write this. She has a great smile as she strokes on her cock, she must know how much we want to see her explode.
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Just one look at Japanese New Half Sayaka Kohaku in her red pantyhose and sexy lingerie will have your tongue lolling and your cock hardening. She is the perfect after meeting treat to a horny guy. Can you imagine coming home to her and her whip. That would excite any guy. She can’t wait to whip you into line and if you’re ready for that then Sayaka is your new half.
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If you like your newhalves sexy, sweet, and horny than Sayaka is the perfect babe for you. Sayaka is also so horny that just getting dressed for work in the am is hard for her. She just can't stop touching herslef making her cock rock hard which slows her down she has to then stroke and jerk it until it erupts before dressing for work.