Ladyboy Cat – She is sexy and Purrfect!

Kathoey CatWell this girl seems to be drawing some attention.  I have her photo on the top of my website because I liked her so much. Her name is Cat and yes she is a ladyboy or as some call at Kathoey Girl.  Though this site is new I have had some email requests to post a set of this young girl so here it is.  What gets me with this girl is that smile of hers, she looks so sweet and innocent and that is sometimes exactly what I am looking for.  This Asian tgirl looks so friendly and I am sure she would show you a good fucking time.  She looks cute with her long hair, those dark midnight eyes that many of the beautiful girls in Thailand have a great smile and amazing full lips.  When she isn’t smiling which isn’t often her lips look fucking hot.  I am sure you would want to see them wrapped around your hard cock.

When she slides off that tight dress she even has more to see.  She is a slim cute girl, with a nice set of abs; she has the body of a teen with a sexy little bra and black panties.  She is a little shy with you at first and hides her cute tight tits but after a bit she starts to warm up to you.  She is getting horny and being shy isn’t going to help her get fucked by you.  She motions you over to kiss and suck her Asian breasts.  The nipples are perky and get your dick dripping wet.  She removes the rest of her clothes and you see how sexy a girl from Asia can really be.  Her skin is smooth and bronze and she has a cute thick shecock between her legs.  She giggles and tries to hide her cock but you slide your hand between her legs and grab it.  You can feel it harden between your fingers.  Her giggles stop and she bites her lip and looks at you with sexual anticipation.

Kathoey Girls need Sex too!She turns around and lies face down on the bed.  Her sweet tgirl ass is smooth and tight and is waiting for you to penetrate her.  You stick your hard wet raw cock into her ass.  Cat begins to purr like a kitten and then lets out a moan of pleasure as you push all the way inside her Asian tranny pussy.  You are on top of her and start fucking that tight butt all the time kissing the soft moist lips of this young girl.  As you anal screw that girl you feel that you are about to cum.  Cat can feel the change inside of her and gets ready for you to cream warm cum into her tiny butt.  She loves Asian bareback sex, she sure looks like an innocent girl but even good girls can be bad.

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