Ladyboy Lyla in Asian Babysitter!

Kathoey Girls are hot!Sweet young Kathoey girl Lyla.  Now this is one girl I like to get to fuck.  Check out that teen like body on her. She is an absolute beauty.  Shoulder length reddish hair, cute rosy cheeks, soft pink full lips and a cute innocent smile.  She is very feminine, firm round tits, perky nipples, smooth creamy skin, an incredible tight ass and one fucking hot Asian shecock.  Lyla is the type of girl that you would have as a babysitter or a house sitter.  Just your cute neighbor from Thailand that is helping you out while you work your busy schedule.  You have always had a crush on this young girl but wanted to keep this strictly business, besides your girlfriend wouldn’t like it if you were having some fun on the side.

You cum home one day after a business trip.  You are a day early and slide into the house.  Entering you notice that this beautiful young girl is sitting in her t-shirt, tight black panties and long stockings.  She is eating popcorn and watching the television.  You clear your throat to get her attention, she jumps up and those tight tits just bounce in that shirt.  You apologize for scaring her and she giggles and says its ok.  You thought she would be shy and run into the other room since all she has on is her hot panties.  She winks at you and asks you if think she has a hot body.  You tell her that she is one of the sexiest girls you have ever seen.  She licks her lips and rubs her left tits.  Want to play with this cute girl she says.  You can’t help but say fucking yes!

Ladyboy LuckShe takes you to the bedroom, unzips your pants and places that young mouth on top of your hard wet cock.  She slowly moves her tongue up and down your shaft and licks the precum off the head.  She stares at you with those seductive Asian eyes and you are fucking getting harder and hornier.  She moves towards you and takes off her bra to reveal those sweet hot tits.  You begin to suck and kiss those hot young nipples.  Licking down her chest onto her stomach.  This girl is fucking hot.  It is then you notice that those sexy panties have a big bulge in them.  To your surprise this beautiful girl has a cock in those lace panties.  Stunned you feel your cock getting harder, she slides down those panties and a hot shecock flops between her legs. She smiles and winks and pushes you to your knees.  She slides that dick into your mouth.  What are you doing you think to yourself but it just seems right.  That soft cock of hers is growing hard in your mouth and you can feel it throb.

She seems excited that you are enjoying yourself and you give your first virgin blowjob to this young hottie.  Now for the real fun she says.  She gets on her hands and knees and shows you that hot Thailand pussy ass.  Its a perfect smooth round tight butt and the addition of a cock between this girls legs is just making you harder. Anal Fuck my pussy she says and you push your wet dick into her hot hole.  She moans so loud as you push deeper and deeper.  You start to lose it and need to release your male sperm.  She turns around and lies on her back.  Her legs wide open with her cock hard and straight.  You cream your hot jizz all over her cock.  As the cum slides down this girls shaft she too erupts in a hot tgirl ejaculation and her whole body shakes with excitement.  She giggles and smiles again and jumps into your bed.  Your girlfriend isn’t back this week and I am staying right her she says.  That is fucking fine by you, in fact you don’t even remember your old girlfriend’s name at this point!

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