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Ladyboy Gold Calendar 2014
Ladyboy Gold has always been known as a great resource for sexy models and now they have come out with a new calendar for 2014 featuring all their sexy ladyboys. I am very happy and now can have some of my favorite models on my desktop, at least when I am alone anyway. Many favorites of mine are on this calender and I am sure you will have a few yourself.
Crystal Clear Photos of Bass
Bass is not camera shy; she is a sexy little bit of ladyboy fluff from the Casanova bar in Bangkok. She can’t wait to take off her tight fitting dress and show off her beautiful cock in front the cameras while we all watch. She dances around and flaunts that ass as well daring us to jump into the computer and pound her hard.
Serina's Fun Flirty Ass
New Half Serina looks so cute and bubbly in her polka dot dress and striped panties. She enjoys being the center of attention so in this photo shoot she really shows off that cute little ass and great ladyboy package. After seeing this sweetheart in action would you ever turn her down for a night out on the town and in her bed.
Mons Beautiful Dress
Cute Mon is one of my favorites she has the best personality she enjoys hanging out just about anywhere. In this update we find our cute giggly ladyboy playing around in a white dress that really makes her look sweet and innocent, but we know the truth don’t we. She isn’t anything at all near an innocent teen! LOL she is a naughty bit of fluff!
Candys Tasty Cock Stick
Candy is dandy and this piece of candy doesn’t have any calories attached. This set of snaps shows every inch of tasty Candy and lets your imagination go rampant as you dream of licking this yummy treat from toes to head and back again! Just think about licking that tasty candy stick and sucking out all the sweet juice deep inside.
Aems Hot Blowjob!
Aem is one of those ladyboys that you enjoy watching no matter what she is doing. This amazing crystal clear photo set show how wonderful it would be to have Aem to yourself for the night. She gives up her big dick for a nice cock sucking from this horny white guy! Who wouldn’t want to take a go at that thick meaty dick of Aem’s? I know that I would.
Horny Fanta Photo Ops
In this set of crystal clear photos we find sexy ladyboy Fanta. There is something about Fanta that just draws you in and holds you. In this set of snaps sexy Fanta has on black lingerie and black boots. She gets down and dirty in this set of photos shaking her thing and trying to drive you insane. Did she do it?
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Maiis Red Lingerie
Maii is a tall ladyboy with gorgeous long legs, a thick cock and a lust for tasting your lips. She is dressed in her hottest red lingerie in this crystal clear photo set. She loves to tease her guys with fishnet stockings and she has no problem finding horny guys to tease and please in her lingerie.
Ladyboy Fantas Big Cock
Ladyboys come and go, but sexy sluts like Fanta from Shemale Asia are here to stay. Not only does this gorgeous ladyboy have a nice round ass, but she also has a large package that she enjoys jerking until it is rock hard. Fanta has something that just calls to you, you can’t put your finger on it, but you will enjoy checking out every inch of her lovely body.
Ladyoby Fern in Blue
In this set of crystal clear photos we can get a closer look at sexy Fern and her fine little ladyboy ass. I love snaps because you can really see each and every perfect part of the ladyboy you are checking out. I really enjoyed watching sexy Fern strip out of her blue bra and panties to show off her ladyboy package and jerk on it.
Cartoons Hot Little Body
In this set of amazing photos we find sexy ladyboy Cartoon. She has to be one of the most adorable ladyboys on the planet. She has a cute little body with a set of nice little tits. She loves to show off her round little ass on camera and jerk her big cock until she explodes.
Ladyboy Mew Upclose and Personal
Check out teen ladyboy Mew, she is visiting from Kings Castle 3 in Bangkok. If you have time to visit Thailand you will want to visit that bar and find sexy Mew. After you see these crisp photos of Mew stripping and stroking her cock you’ll want to buy that plane ticket and head out to Thailand.
Gorgeous KatieM in Cyrstal Clear Snaps
In this update we find cute KatieM in high heels with her tight ladyboy ass thrust out ready to spread and banged. She is bent over a chair and ready to have you come and have your way with her. These crystal clear photos show off every beautiful inch of her sexy body. When she looks over her shoulder you k now she is giving you the go-ahead to jump on in and do your worst to her gorgeous body.
Kumis Schoolgirl Photo Shoot
Sexy ladyboy Kumi is showing off her amazing body in these crystal clear photos. She is in her schoolgirl uniform and she looks delicious. She enjoys teasing the camera and shows off her panties by lifting up her skirt and slowly begins to stroke her cock. She is hoping that you’ll see these crystal clear snaps and jerk your own meat in honor of her.
Cartoons Plushie Fetish Photos
Cartoon shows off in these crystal clear photos how damn hot she is. She is playing around with some stuffed animals which makes her look even cuter than she already is. It doesn’t take her long to dip into her panties and pull out her meat pole and play with it while the camera man watches taking snaps and trying to contain his raging hard-on.
Ladyboy Fai Big Hanging Meat
In this crystal clear set of photos we find sweet and sexy Fai and her big cock. If you haven’t seen her working at the famous Obsessions bar then you are missing out. It is a good thing we have this set of photos to check her out in. Just check out her succulent body and nice sized ladyboy meat package. Yum Yum Yum!
Bareback Action for Guitar
Get ready to play a melody on your own skin flute once you take a peek at Guitar a sexy ladyboy from Bangkok. She has on blue shorts, and a top that drive her guy nuts. Her tits are trying to make their way out and he is more than willing to help her get them out and into his hands and mouth. He has his own cock he wants to bury and he does it into her tight little ass raw and hard making her moan and beg for more.
Lays Amazing Night Out in Photos
In this set of amazing crystal clear amateur photos we find sexy ladyboy Lay. She is in a new dress for a fun night out. She can’t wait to get out to the clubs and get her groove thing on. She hopes to find her perfect guy tonight and in that new dress she just might find the perfect guy. Once she finds the guy she will take him home and show him excactly why she is his perfect girlfriend.
Noot and Nans Saturday Fuck Session
In this set of pictures we find sexy Noot and horny Nan having a blast together one lazy Saturday afternoon. To hell with the shopping they want to get right into the sex. They do exactly that as they take turns feeling, fondling, and enjoying each other’s sweet tasty lithe bodies.
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Rabbit in Spots
Rabbit is cute and this Thai ladyboy has an acute appetite for nasty, raunchy sex. Rabbits are hot to fuck, and this little ladyboy definitely will seek and find all the cock that she can find. She loves being both top and bottom. Just feast your eyes on this set of crystal clear photos and tell me you wouldn’t want to spend some sexual hours within her.
Bew Photo Set
Super cutie Bew is showing off what god gave her in this crystal clear set of photos. She will be making your “A” list. She has these soulful eyes that will suck you right into her teen soul and leave you craving for more than just a hot ass pounding. Just think about what she could do with that hot mouth of hers. It makes me hard just thinking about it.
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Horny Jass Photo Array
Ladyboy Jass is a sweetie and she has a big fan following that includes having her ass destroyed. She enjoys having it hanging up in the air and waiting for a big thick cock to stuff inside and ride. Her cock is always ready and she has precum waiting to explode once she feels your dick hard inside her pounding away.
Annies Playful Teen Hands Jerk Her Meat
Cute teen ladyboy Annie is a shock with her big cock when she slips off her panties. It just shows you that huge things can be stuffed into small packages. When this teen isn’t dancing to her favorite movies she is making her cock dance in her talented hands. She is very talented in everything that she does including making you blow your hot jizz.
MayLee in Orange Amazes the Cameras
In this set of crystal clear snaps we find fine ass honey Maylee with a horny tourist. This hardcore Cambodian ladyboy is a naughty teen and she is super hot and can’t wait to have a hard dick stuffed into her mouth and round fine ass. She is a camera hog and enjoys teasing the camera as she has her face skull fucked and her ass reamed. If you are looking for the perfect fuck slut then Maylee is your answer.
This ladyboy loves to have a blast no matter where she goes and in this crisp set of photos you’ll see what a ladyboy does during her downtime. She is bored during her mall shopping so she attempts to lure horny guys home with her and fuck the shit out of them. Enjoy these photos of her shopping and teasing the guys at the mall.
Nattys Ready to Sail on your Dick
Teen Natty is in her sailor outfit is ready for some raunchy sex with you. She is so damn cute you can’t turn her down. Once she gets on your bedroom ship though she has a lot to teach and she wants to scrub down your decks and keep you clean, happy, and horny for a very long time!
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Nicky Sucks Dick
In this set of crystal clear photos we find sexy ladyboy Nicky in a tight blue dress. She looks amazing and that dress just makes her legs and tight ass even more appealing. She looks even better after she strips it off and shows off her amazing ladyboy meat jerking and stroking it so we can see how much she enjoys using it.
Ladyboy Joy Sucks You In
What is it like to pick up a sexy ladyboy hooker when your in Thailand? Well check out this set of crystal clear snaps and imagine that you are sitting on the bed with sexy Joy and she is about to offer you everything that your heart and cock are dreaming about. Just imagine licking and stroking her big cock before you ride her fine round ass.
Erina Aisaki Newhalf Photo Shoot
Sweet, sexy, and succulent Erina Aisaki is a teen new half that loves to show off her body. We get some sweet crystal clear photos that are so good they could be considered lickable. She is addicted to tanning and dancing, but she is young and all about her body for the moment. I love how golden her skin is from tanning so maybe she is onto something.
In this set of crystal clear photos we find teen ladyboy Aum. She is sitting on a bed with her cute top on and her sweet panties. She has something special hiding in her panties and she can’t wait to reach inside and pull it out and show you exactly the kind of magic she can do with it. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching this teen play with her sweet ladyboy meat.
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Schoolgirl Fun with Erina Asiaki
In this set of crystal clear photos we find sexy Erina Aisaki in a sexy schoolgirl uniform. She loves to give and get in her bedroom and if you are like me you were hoping that you will be the lucky guy she is willing to give it up to. Who wouldn’t love having her on her knees sucking their cock before you spread her ass open with your own throbbing cock.
Sundress Bass Eats Cock
Gorgeous honey Bass is in her favorite sundress when she runs into one of her favorite fuck buddies. She of course rushes home with him stripping out of her sundress to jump on his hardening dick. She can’t wait to stuff every inch of his dick deep inside her mouth sucking for all she is worth as he moans and groans out his pleasure.
Mistress of the Dark Rei Sugimoto
In this crystal clear set of photos we find Gothic new half Rei Sugimoto driving the men crazy. If you are into goth and vampires and all that lot, then Rei is the new half for you. She will mesmerize you with her sexy dark look and when you are totally in her thrall she will take a bite out of you that will leave you craving her body and soul.
Tina in Cheetah Spots
Teen Tina and her sexy uncut cock are at it again in this photo array that will have your cock rock hard and your mouth drooling in need. She is a dirty little ladyboy, which enjoys getting dirty and then having fun cleaning up with you in the shower. She never is at a loss at how a dirty cock can become a clean useful cock in each and every possible scenario!
Likas Suck Fest
In this crystal clear set of photos we find sexy Lika and her cock sucking lips. When you think hot raunchy blowjob, Lika should pop to mind. This horny ladyboy is willing and able to suck your cock day or night. Just watch how she attacks this horny guys dick and keeps on licking until he is exploding his hot cum.