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COUNTRY: Thailand

BUILD: Skinny
HAIR: Black
EYES: Black

VIEWS: 2661
Biography: Say hello to superstar Bam, she is a slender little ladyboy. She has a great body with a great dick hidden in her panties. She seems to be a bit shy but once she warms up she goes insane with lust and drives her partner into heights of ecstasy.
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Bam Banged Hard and Raw
Horny Bam shows her talents off working her way around a hard thick raging dick. She knows how to make it throb even more with her talented tongue and hands. She gets what she wants in the end and that throbbing cock went directly into her ass raw. She loves it and moans and begs for more and more hard pounding.
Bams Cock Stroking Video
Bam is a horny little ladyboy enjoys taking guys home from the local bar. In this video update we find horny Bam in her apartment. She couldn’t wait to get on a camera and show off her body and her talented hands as they wrap around her ladyboy package jerking it for the cameras eye.
Ass toyed Bam
Ass toyed honey Bam is having the time of her life when she meets up with her horny fuck buddy. She is so damn horny she can’t keep her hands to herself. She touches her cock as her buddy begins to rim her hot little ass as he toys her tight ass. It isn’t long before he has his hard dick shoving its way deep into her pretty little ass.
Bams Bikini
Bam is back from working at her bar Stringfellows. This hot ladyboy looks amazing in her bikini and when she is on stage she has some sexy bulges that happen to poke out as she is dancing. Bam is pretty sexy and I’ve been wanting to meet her a few times during past trips to Thailand and each time I try to see her I can’t find her. She might have moved to Soi 6 I’m not sure I do not have concrete evidence of that yet.
Sexy Bam
If you are in Pattaya Bangkok be sure to look up sexy ladyboy Bam. You can have a full look at her new full tits and if you play your cards right squeezing them and licking on them. Just think about her sexy body sliding into your bedroom at night. She would and could do anything that she can to drive you insane with lust.
Bams Perky Tits
Did you know that sexy Bam works at the famous Soi 6 in Thailand. She has a wicked body and a great piece of meat in her panties. She enjoys sitting back and relaxing at the bar as guys flock around her teasing and flirting with her. She flirts back then she chooses who to take home and fuck for the night.
Bams Bam Bam
Bam is so horny that she can’t contain herself. She has a big ladyboy dick that is waiting for her to grab and stroke. It makes a nice outline in her dress. You can’t miss that outline in her dress and it doesn’t stay there long she pulls out her dick and strokes it moaning, groaning, and itching for a big release.