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NAME: Karina Shiratori
ALIAS: Misaki Shiratori
COUNTRY: Thailand

BUILD: Skinny
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Black

VIEWS: 4818
Biography: Japan gives us another sexy new half. Her name is Karina Shiratori. She is a newbie to the world of porn. She does a lot of video action for mainstream employers, but she is new to taking photos and videos for porn producers like Shemale Japan. Enjoy watching her hot body, big beautiful eyes, and a nice slab of lady meat.
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Karina Shiratori Japan Newhalf Vixen
Karina Shiratori is a very sexy newhalf from Japan and she looks great in this school outfit and even better when she starts to slip it off. She has got a hot cock and it stays nice and hard at all times especially when you have a chance to touch it and suck it. She is a beautiful ladyboy and one of the most popular in Japan. She loves her fans and often can be seen on sites talking to them, she is a sweet and horny babe!
Karina Shiratoris Hot Shorts
Who doesn’t love sexy new half Karina Shiratori. She is showing off her sexy legs in hot shorts. She has a cute bulge that is pushing hard to get out. Those shorts are super hot and really make a guy like me rock hard thinking about what is inside of them. I would love to see her in those shorts in my bedroom wouldn’t you?
Karina Shiratori Schoolgirl
It is hard to imagine a sweet ladyboy schoolgirl with a huge monster of a dick like this ladyboy has. Karina Shiratori couldn’t even wait to get home before she pulled out her beefy stick from her panties and went to work on it as the boys stood around and stared at her tool.
Karina Shiratori  Fantasy
Shemale Japan gives us another great update that includes sexy new half Karina Shiratori. She has spending a lot of time in Hawaii and loves the warm breezes and white beaches. Can you imagine running into her on a beach her sweet body luring you over and onto her spread out beach towel. Let the fantasy begin!
New Half Karina Shiratori Geisha
What a lovely geisha Karina Shiratori is. She knows exactly how to treat her men and she loves the history and art of Geisha training. If you want to be pampered then Karina is the new half to choose. If you are afraid her ladyboy meat isn’t large, well she will definitely shock you with her huge thick new half rod. Just take a few moments and enjoy what this lovely Japanese new half has to offer.
Shemale Japan Movie Montage!
Bam here it is a fantastic video montage of Shemale Japan. I am a big fan of Shemale Japan so of course I created a video that focuses on all the great Japanese newhalfs that are stuffed inside. My favorite new half is at Shemale Japan her name is Sayaka, so Shemale Japan is one of my favorite spots to spend spank time. They also have schoolgirls, hardcore action, lesbians, blowjobs and even kink.
Karina Shiratori
Sweet and sexy Karina shows off her lovely ladyboy curves in purple and white. Those sweet tits of hers look amazing the white of her shirt clinging to them. It doesn't take her long to show off her cute legs and tight little ass. She soon pulls out her ladyboy meat and begins to jerk it until she explodes a sticky mess.
Karina Shiratori School Cosplay
Karina Shiratori is one sexy Japanese new half that loves cosplay. She looks so damn cute in her schoolgirl uniform. Those golden panties are just the icing to top this new half cake. She shakes her tight little ass in that dress driving herself nuts. She pulls out her ladyboy meat and shakes it in her hand driving herself mad with lust.
Pink Karina Shiratori
Cute Karina Shiratori looks so adorable in her pink kimono, she is a delicate flower. She slowly strips out of her little pink kimono to show off her sweet little apples along with her young curves and ladyboy meat. Her cock grows and grows as she strokes until her meat is rock hard.
Black Lace Karina Shiratori
Karina Shiratori is such a sexy new half that everyone drools as soon as they see her luscious curves. Just imagine going to dinner with this delectable Japanese new half. It would be hard to eat your dinner looking at that beautiful ladyboy sitting across the way from you. I’d rush that dinner so that I could take her home and slip off her black lace dress to stroke and jerk on her amazing ladyboy meat.